Debt Collection: Default Judgments

A default judgment is a judgment against the debtor that arises from the debtor’s failure to respond to a lawsuit that has been commenced in the Pennsylvania court system. A PA collections attorney can initiate a lawsuit in a Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas or a Magisterial District Court with the filing of a Complaint.

The Pennsylvania Rules of Procedure require the defendant to file a response to the Complaint within a specified period of time. If the defendant debtor fails to file the response, the plaintiff can request that the court enter a default judgment against the debtor. A default judgment provides the plaintiff with legal rights and remedies for enforcement of the judgment including the ability to proceed with a Writ of Execution and other post-judgment remedies, such as discovery in aid of execution.


Benefits of Obtaining a PA Default Judgment

Obtaining a default judgment in Pennsylvania is desirable because the plaintiff can proceed with enforcement remedies without the cost and delay of protracted litigation. The Martin Law Firm’s experienced PA collection attorney can aggressively obtain a default judgment within weeks of filing the complaint if the debtor fails to respond.

What if a Default Judgment Cannot be Obtained?

In situations where the debtor files a response to the Complaint, a skilled and experienced PA collections attorney is invaluable. Your collections attorney can prepare the case for trial by conducting thorough discovery including depositions, interrogatories, and requests for production of documents. Thorough preparation often leads to better commercial debt collection results. Moreover, preparing an effective case strategy and conducting effective discovery may force the debtor to pay or settle their debt. An experienced PA collections attorney can provide you with an honest case evaluation to determine whether the case should be tried or settled.

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The Martin Law Firm has handled numerous commercial debt collection cases for clients in Pennsylvania and throughout the country. Whenever a debtor or debtor’s assets are located in Pennsylvania, a PA collections attorney should be consulted. For a free case evaluation and to discuss the procedure for default judgment in more detail, contact a PA collections attorney at The Martin Law Firm at 215-646-3980.