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calendarThere are several advantages to utilizing the assistance of a skilled Pennsylvania debt collections attorney to recover outstanding business debts. A PA debt collections attorney can utilize the Pennsylvania court system to provide business clients with effective collection efforts, as opposed to collection agencies, who are limited to just demand letters and phone calls. A collections attorney can file a lawsuit in the PA county where the debtor is located, which will force the debtor to pay the debt, settle or face a money judgment.

A skilled PA debt collections attorney can subsequently employ post-judgment debt collection remedies to enforce the judgment, including garnishment of bank accounts, sheriff sales, and liens to take what the debtor is unwilling to pay voluntarily. Our PA debt collection attorneys understand the importance of debt collections for our business clients, and we take a fast, aggressive approach to the collection of clients’ accounts receivables with results-focused debt collection strategies.

  • Commercial Debt Collections: $8,000 – $100,000
  • Commercial Debt Collections: $100,000+


Out-of-State Businesses Can Use a Pennsylvania Debt Collections Attorney

The Martin Law Firm represents business clients all over the country for PA debt collection matters. Businesses seeking to collect a debt from an individual or a business residing or conducting business in Pennsylvania should seek the assistance of a PA debt collections attorney.

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Commercial Debt Collection Procedures in PA

A skilled Pennsylvania debt collections attorney should know the procedures for obtaining a judgment, including a default judgment. In addition, an experienced PA debt collection lawyer can act quickly following the judgment by locating assets owned by the debtor. This can be done through investigation efforts, discovery in aid of execution, and other techniques that skilled PA debt collections attorneys regularly use.

Debt Collection Settlements

In many situations, debt collection settlements can be reached, sparing our clients much of the time and expense associated with debt collection litigation in the PA courts. Settlement may require a payment in full or a payment arrangement whereby the PA debtor can satisfy the debt over time, depending on the circumstances surrounding your particular debt collection case. Settlement agreements for debt collection matters must be carefully drafted by an experienced Pennsylvania debt collections attorney in order to preserve the business creditor’s rights and to protect the business creditor from further debtor default. Learn more about debt collection settlement agreements.

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