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True Story: 10 Bizarre Reasons for Divorce

By Jason Martin, Esq. on 9/6/13 9:06 AM

Pennsylvania divorce lawyers strange divorcePeople get divorced for many different reasons.  Our Pennsylvania divorce lawyers have collected ten strange but true reasons cited for divorce.  If you are considering filing for divorce in PA, contact the experienced Pennsylvania divorce lawyers at The Martin Law Firm to schedule a family law consultation.

1.  Wife Discovers Husband's Secret Nickname for Her

In 2009, a Saudi woman filed for divorce after 17 years of marriage when she discovered that her husband had a rather unpleasant nickname for her.  The wife learned that her husband referred to her as "Guantanamo" when she saw the listing in his cell phone.  She made her discovery when her husband left his cell phone at home and she found that his phonebook entry for her was under the name of the notorious U.S. military prison.  Outraged, she promptly filed for divorce. 

2.  Man Divorces Wife After She Brings Home 550 Cats

In 2012, an Israeli man divorced his wife because she adopted 550 cats.  The husband claimed in his divorce complaint that the hundreds of pet cats affected every aspect of his home life.  He claimed that the cats blocked the entrance to the bathroom, swarmed the kitchen, and stole his food off the table at mealtime. 

3.  Facebook Relationship Status Fail

A husband failed to change his relationship status to "married" on Facebook, prompting his 28-year-old wife to file for divorce.  Her husband, a 31-year-old businessman, told the court that updating his relationship status had simply slipped his mind since the couple had married only two months before.  His wife pressed on with the divorce, and the judge reportedly ordered the newlyweds to attend six months of counseling. 

As our Pennsylvania divorce lawyers have previously written, industry surveys indicate that Facebook plays a role in roughly one in five divorces.  Many Pennsylvania divorce lawyers are very comfortable with online research, and they will search your social media profiles for evidence that can be used against you in divorce and child custody cases. 

4.  Wife Divorces Husband for Feeding Stray Dogs

After 50 years of marriage, a Romanian woman filed for divorce because she was fed up with her husband spending their entire pension feeding stray dogs.  The 70-year-old wife, Eliza Barbu, said that her husband had started off by giving food scraps to a pair of stray dogs.  He soon started feeding a pack of more than 20 stray dogs three times a week, leaving the married couple no food for themselves.  Cities in Romania have a huge problem with stray dogs as a result of a communist dictatorship in the 80s that forced thousands of people to abandon their countryside homes and pets to move into small apartments in the cities. 

5.  Man's Fanatical Olympic Spirit

A Chinese man, 56-year-old Wang Yueting, was divorced by his wife in 2008 for running across China to support the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  Mr. Yueting sold his apartment to finance his run and spent the proceeds on a six-man support team and a van.  He painted "Support Beijing Olympics" in both English and Chinese on the van.  His wife had promised to divorce him if he went forward with the run. 

6.  Wife's Lie About Her Age

A Chinese man filed for divorce from his wife after 10 years of marriage when he realized that she had lied about her age when they first started dating.  The wife, who was 30 when her husband proposed, had told him that she was 24. 

7.  World of Warcraft

A California woman filed for divorce from her husband, citing World of Warcraft as the reason for the divorce.  The wife, a 28-year-old gamer named Jocelyn, gave the World of Warcraft game to her husband, Peter, as a Christmas present in 2004.  Within nine months, the game had a devastating impact on their six-year marriage.  Peter's addiction caused problems in the couple's day-to-day life as he began to neglect household chores and stopped paying bills. 

8.  Bestselling Novel

According to the NY Daily News, a high-powered banker from London, who earns more than $600,000 a year, filed for divorce from her husband on the grounds that the erotic bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey failed to improve his diminished sex drive.  The 41-year-old woman's divorce attorney said that this was the first time that someone has cited the book in a divorce petition.  According to the divorce attorney, the wife had been reading the book and wanted to spice up her love life.  When she approached her husband about trying out some of the action from the book, he "went ballistic" and blamed her for their failed marriage. 

9.  Russian Man Bets Wife in Poker Game, Loses

A Russian man, Andrei Karpov, had lost all of his money in a poker game.  Instead of cash, he decided to wager his wife in order to stay in the game.  When he lost, his opponent, Sergey Brodov, showed up to claim his winnings.  Karpov's wife was so angry that she decided to divorce her husband and started a relationship with Brodov, who she ultimately married. 

10.  Man Learns Wife is Not a Natural Beauty

A Chinese man, Jian Feng, divorced his wife because she had deceived him about her appearance.  Unbeknownst to her husband, the wife had undergone approximately $100,000 in plastic surgery procedures.  According to the Huffington Post, Feng was very much in love with his beautiful wife until they had a baby girl.  Repulsed by his daughter's appearance, Feng reportedly described his child as "horrifically ugly" and bearing no resemblance to either parent.  Facing accusations of adultery, Feng's wife had no choice but to reveal that a team of Korean plastic surgeons deserved all the credit for her good looks.  Mr. Feng filed for divorce, sued his wife, and won the lawsuit. 


At The Martin Law Firm, our Pennsylvania divorce lawyers realize that every divorce is different.  There are many reasons a couple may choose to get divorced that range from very common to very strange.  Whatever your reason, our experienced Pennsylvania divorce lawyers will provide you with excellent legal guidance on how best to achieve your individual divorce goals.  Contact The Martin Law Firm today to schedule a family law consultation with our experienced Pennsylvania divorce lawyers.   

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